le monde est étrange

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Anonymous asked: What are your favorite songs/artists?

a$ap rocky
best coast
the 1975
childish gambino
paper diamond
rl grime
earl sweatshirt
frank ocean
ab soul
kanye west

hell, ghetto symphony, angels; a$ap
I want to; best coast
baby I’m crying;best coast
heart out; the 1975
core; rl grime
Sunday, earl, dat ass; earl sweatshirt
golden girl, monks, bad religion; frank
dub sac; ab soul
on the low, break it down; logic
red eye, balmain jeans; kid cudi
druggys wit hoes again; schoolboy Q, ab soul
the purge/ rapfix cypher (20syl remix); schoolboy Q
smoking with the gods; azizi gibson
tweakin’; Vic Mensa, chance the rapper
voodoo; frank ocean
soul and mind; the lonely biscuits
wavey; allankingdom
I got; young the giant
let it be; black mill
for emma; bon iver
guilt trip, I’m in it; kanye west
lava glaciers; riff raff, childish gambino

Anonymous asked: You are very attractive

thank u mystery person




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